Laser Cut Marble Funnels

Thanks to Elliot for Laser cutting these parts for the Marble Machine X! Check out Elliots in depth video here showing how he Laser Cut the extensions: Video edited by Hannes Knutsson Support the Marble Machine X Project: ► ► ► #marble #machine #4K ——————————— MUSIC DOWNLOADS ► WINTERGATAN RECORDS […]

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Drum Funnels Completed

Marble Machine X Daily #3 – Finishing up the PET Drum Funnels for the Marble Machine X. Want to help by laser cutting the final versions of these shields? Check the info inside video and download the design file here: Here is the video i mentioned regarding our relationship to Social Media and how […]

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PRESS F for the Funnels

Marble Machine X Daily #4 – Positioning and Testing the new Drum funnels of the Marble Machine X, and things went sideways FAST! Video edited by Hannes Knutsson Free Wintergatan Downloads at: #4k #wintergatan #marblemachine Support the Marble Machine X Project: ► ► ► #marble #machine #4K ——————————— MUSIC DOWNLOADS […]

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Candy Dip for Marble Funnels – Marble Machine X135

►Check out the new Wintergatan free download/pay what you want section of our Website here: Free Downloads / Pay what you want Finally fixing the mechanical sound of the Funnels with Liquid Rubber dip. Thanks everyone for following this sisyphus stone creeeeeping up the mountain, have a great day! // Martin Support the Marble Machine […]

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Saving the Marble Funnels with Rubber Coating? – Marble Machine X Episode 129

Rubber coating might be used at several places of the machine to reduce the high frequency metal on metal sounds everywhere! After this successful test I want to dip the whole Marble Machine X in a 3 meter diameter pool of plastidip. Have a nice day everyone, Martin Chapters 0:00 – Funnel sound test 05:05 […]

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Vibraphone Funnels Completed

Check Out the Spanish Version of Wintergatan, Wintergatan ESP: A Victorious Moment with a somewhat suspicious aftertaste, the Vibraphone Funnels of the Marble Machine X are Completed! Good luck with everything you are doing/ Martin Video Edited By Hannes Knutsson: Support the Marble Machine X Project: ► ► ► #marble […]

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