How to Get Rich Selling Whale Poop

Whale poop is washing up on beaches in New Zealand, and some of it is worth ten thousands of dollars per kilo. Known as ambergris, the substance is highly valued by perfumers. But such are the rewards, New Zealand’s ambergris scene is cloaked in secrecy and veiled threats. Subscribe to VICE News here: Check […]

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How to Get Rich By Buying Sneakers

As the world evolves, more and more people are successfully pivoting their careers and businesses — ones with more fluidity, more entrepreneurship, without the usual benefits and structure of full time jobs. VICE News profiles the trailblazers who are shaping their lives and businesses around this modern version of the workforce and the technology that […]

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How To Get Rich Reporting On Idling Vehicles In NYC (HBO)

Thanks to a new law, any New Yorker with a cell phone and some time to kill can report on idling commercial vehicles, and earn thousands of dollars doing it. The law, enacted in January of 2018, lets anyone submit a complaint form to the city’s department of environmental protection if they document a bus, […]

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