AdWords Auction; How Keyword Bidding Works Hal explains relevance and value and how ad rank works. Most advertisers may think it’s like an ebay auction and the highest bidder wins. Not so says Hal. How do you feel your AdWords campaign is performing for you right now? What would it need to look like 1 year from now for you […]

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Internet Marketing For Beginners – 13 Tips For Massive Traffic

Internet marketing for beginners – 13 tips for massive traffic – Let’s Connect! Twitter – Facebook – Google+ – In this video, you will learn how to get more traffic for your business. If you are new to internet marketing, these 13 tips will help know where to get started. I […]

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The Complete Google AdWords Tutorial: Go from Beginner to Advanced Today!

Go from a beginner with Google AdWords to advanced in this complete Google AdWords tutorial created in 2015! See what is included in this free Google ads course by reading more! Take the complete course FREE at Help me reach 250,000 subscribers at First, the video begins with a section for getting started […]

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