Asking Supercar Owners How to GET RICH in 2023!

► Get Up To 12 FREE Stocks on WeBull when you Deposit $.01 and get up to 12 stocks (Valued up to $30,600): ———————————————— In this episode of SnewJ Knows. SnewJ ask supercar owners what they do for work, how much money they make, & whats the best investment you can make in 2023. […]

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15 Tips for Broke People to get RICH!

In this episode of SnewJ Knows. SnewJ goes over 15 financial tips if you’re broke. We’ve all been there, SnewJ has been there. So here’s some very important ways to get out of bad habits and start building up more wealth. Like I always say, this is never financial advice. Please always do your own […]

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