I Used The Funnels The Wrong Way, But It’s Actually Better [Zeepkist]

Welcome to Zeepkist! Today my friends and I all built soapbox race courses around the theme “Funnels”. I decided to think outside of the funnel for this one… @Kosmonaut’s Track: @Dapper’s Track: @kAN Gaming’s Track: My Most Popular Videos (for whatever reason): —————————————————————————— Collaborators @kAN Gaming @Kosmonaut @Dapper —————————————————————————– Like my […]

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100,000 Mini Marbles though slaloms and funnels!

This video is a compilation (screenlink) of 5 different setups including the big funnel, Hubelino and Gravitrax. With a lot of mini marbles (4 mm) rolling on it, it makes a satisfying noise and the marbles are spinning down the funnel like a black hole. The container can hold more than 100,000 mini marbles and […]

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