How to get rich as a solo software developer – The Ultimate Guide

When you learn how to code, you unlock the ability to build side-businesses that have the potential to make you rich. The 6-step guide provides realistic tips and tricks for launching a solo company as a software engineer. #programming #business #tech 💬 Chat with Me on Discord 🔗 Resources Wanna use my voice? Generate […]

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Introducing Firebase and Google AdWords

Firebase and Google AdWords help you define actions users take in your app that you consider to be important, such as reaching the first level of your game, purchasing a pair of sunglasses, or returning every morning to check out new products. Read about it in our blog → Add the Introducing Firebase playlist […]

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How Entrepreneurs Really Get Rich

How do entrepreneurs really get rich? They seem to do a million different things to get rich, and it can be hard to know what they actually do. It also may seem confusing at times, but if you watch this video until the very end, you will discover how entrepreneurs really get rich. Click here […]

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