john melton

One Major Thing Missing in Your Network Marketing Recruiting Strategy

What do you do when you get a YES? This is where most people mess up their recruiting process! Listen to the strategies I use that took my network marketing business to where it is today. “Would you feel overwhelmed if you had to do 100 things just to get started? Keep it simple. Use […]

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Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Network Marketing Business Online

Building your network marketing business online gives it endless growth potential. Just think about how many people you could meet! Now, there’s do’s and don’ts that I’ve learnt after 20+ years in the industry, so let me help you out. “You’re building freedom! You’re building a legacy! THIS IS BIG! And big things take time.” […]

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How to Build a Profitable Network Marketing Team Without Losing People

Full article: I’ve now been in #NetworkMarketing for more than 18 years. Together with my wife, Nadya Melton, we’ve built a multi-million dollar team leveraging social media. A successful team in Network Marketing starts with you. You can take it further or hold it back. #1 – HELP YOUR TEAM SUCCEED Honestly, I’m not […]

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