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GET RICH by analyzing stocks! | Gain 123% return in 30 days | #Stockanalysis

I use the following tools for analysing stocks: Tickertape: Tradingview: ______________________________________________________________________ I use Zerodha for investing and trading. And, love the platform! You can use this link to open a Zerodha account and start investing: _____________________________________________________________________ **This is not a click-bait** What if I tell you that you can gain upto 123% […]

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GET RICH by INFLATION | How can inflation help you get richer!

**This is not a click-bait** #economicsconceptexplained #inflation What if I say – you can get rich in inflation! Yes, you read that correctly. You can get rich during the time which is dreaded the most by everyone. All you need to do is know what inflation exactly is and what happens during that period. 01:25 […]

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