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Get-Rich-Quick Investment Schemes in Manipur | Detailed Breakdown & Analysis | Thadou-Kuki

This video is a detailed breakdown and analysis (in Thadou-Kuki) of the various Get-Rich-Quick Investment Schemes in Manipur (from schemes like Amway, “A-Poh-Keh-Thei”, etc of 20-25 years back to the current innovative and trending schemes). The video covers the following – 1) Management concepts like Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing used by these schemes 2) […]

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GET RICH SLOW The best way to get rich quick is to get rich slow. Because when you get rich slow. You get to love the process and you get to be good at what you do. Just like the tallest trees in the planet, those trees took time to develop before they reached that […]

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