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Cheapest Way to Kill ALL Forge Giants! Get Rich from Odin’s Forge in Frostborn! – JCF

Hey guys! In this episode of Frostborn we will be going over the cheapest way to Kill All Forge Giants and how you can get Rich from Odin’s forge! This trick is a little difficult to implement at the start but it’s extremely satisfying and worth it when done properly, so I hope you guys […]

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The Efficacious Way to get Rich in Frostborn! How to get Every Resource in the Game! – JCF

I’ve been playing Frostborn since it was still a secret project and have a video arguing that I’m the richest player in the game. In that video, I explain that my success is because of the 100s of amazing frostborn players that have rallied around me to help you guys with awesome tips and tricks. […]

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