Identifying Funnels On The Map | Using Maps to Scout and Find Great Stand Locations

Using maps can be very helpful when scouting for deer. Ben Harshyne talks about classic terrain funnels and habitat funnels, and how to identify them on a map to help hone in on great stand locations.

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Locating and Hunting Funnels | Understanding Habitat and Terrain Funnels

Locating and Understanding Habitat funnels and Terrain funnels can drastically change your approach and success when hunting whitetails. Ben Harshyne explains both habitat and terrain funnels, and how to identify them on the map and in the field.

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Pre-Rut Trail Camera Strategy | Transitioning Cameras to Scrapes & Funnels

Transitioning cameras to scrapes, funnels and pinch points during the pre-rut phase of the season can help you pin point bucks and movement patterns leading into the rut.

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