Elite are exploiting the stock market to get RICH OFF OF YOU

2021 logged more money flowing into the stock market than the prior 25 years COMBINED. 2022 is expected to exceed that number by 45 percent. But with the COVID pandemic, supply chain shortages, and inflation, those two stats should be enough for you to take pause and say, ‘that doesn’t sound good.’ Glenn explains what’s […]

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5 Get Rich Quick Tricks

Stop what you’re doing!! Learn 5 easy tricks to make millions with little work. Don’t wait. Time is running out.

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They get rich. We get debt.

Taxing and regulating our businesses only drives production out of our country. Instead of producing what we consume, we buy cheap imports from Alibaba & Amazon on our credit cards. They get rich. We get debt.

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Trudeau funnels $1M/year to WWF to undermine oil and gas industry

The Kielburgers’ WE Charity aren’t the only Liberal-friendly organization getting rich. FULL REPORT from Sheila Gunn Reid: Rebel News: Telling the other side of the story. for more great Rebel content. Unlike almost all of our mainstream media competitors, Rebel News doesn’t receive any government funding. We rely on our generous audience to […]

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How Politicians Use Climate Change to Get Rich

Politicians point towards the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as the reason for passing laws, but is the IPCC a reliable source? Is this a way to protect the Earth or a money-making scheme?

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