November 19, 2023

पापा मना कर रहे है | Network Marketing Objection Handling | Jatin Arora

“Papa mana kar rahe hai”. This is part of the objection handling series in network marketing. Jatin explains how you can overcome this objection easily.

Many students want to join network marketing business but when they go home and tell about network marketing business to their father, most often they get a negative response.

In most cases, father’s don’t have much knowledge about how network marketing business works. Whatever they know about network marketing business is what they heard from the people who have a bad experience in network marketing.

In the beginning, our prospect was also not confident about the network marketing business, so he believes in what his father told to him. After that, he involved himself in the rat race and throughout his life work for someone else. Until he realises which work was better, it’s too late for him to make a good move in life.

I’ve observed this many times, at the time of prospecting some networkers make their prospect feel guilty. You need not make your prospect feel guilty. It is not their fault. Our parents are well-wishers, they always want us to be successful in life. Because of lack of knowledge about network marketing, they say NO to the kid to join network marketing.

But I know some parents who know about the potential of network marketing, they encourage their kid to join network marketing business.

So next time when your prospect says “papa mana kar rahe hai”, tell him:
Your father is not wrong, but as he doesn’t have much experience about network marketing, that’s why he is saying no to you.

What to do:
Ask your prospect to bring his father to see the network marketing business plan at least once for his better future and let his father decide whether network marketing business will be a good fit for him.

When a father can spend lakhs of rupees for his kids’ studies, they will surely want to see the network marketing business plan for his better future.

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