September 19, 2023

The Complete Digital Marketing Blueprint – A Comprehensive Crash Course Covering: Branding, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Web Design, Analytics, Affiliate Marketing, & More!

Discover the book that has been dubbed “Possibly The Best Guide On The Internet For Digital Marketing”. Get all of the information you need to become a digital marketer and market your business online successfully! Find out how to setup a solid foundation for your business or idea. Learn the highly coveted information you need to succeed online. Discover how to cost effectively generate leads & differentiate your business from the competition by utilizing Digital Marketing. Anyone can achieve success online & The Complete Digital Marketing Blueprint was created to get you there! This digital marketing book will transform the way you view digital marketing & the internet forever, GUARANTEED. Digital Marketing is explained in simple, easy to understand terms. Technical jargon is broken down & the process of Digital Marketing is expanded on from the ground up. Included, as a bonus is a complete guide on how to plan & build your website, from scratch! This ground-breaking digital marketing book is constantly updated with new material & content, all available for a low one-time cost. After finishing The Complete Digital Marketing Blueprint, you will have learned everything you need to be successful online! Discover: 1. How To Develop Your Brand’s Purpose To Strategically Achieve Your Goals 2. How To Find The Perfect Domain For Your Website 3. How To Use WordPress – Create A Website With Our WordPress Tutorial 4. How To Get A Free SSL Certificate Two Easy Ways To Get A Green Bar SSL 5. Getting Started With Keyword Research 6. How To Optimize Landing Pages 7. What Is Search Engine Optimization? 8. Outreach Link Building Opportunities 9. Getting Started With Content Marketing – Content Marketing 101 10. Getting Started With Google Analytics – Understanding And Using Google Analytics 11. Getting Started With Facebook Analytics – Understanding And Using Facebook Analytics 12. How To Create An Effective Email Marketing Campaign 13. Getting Started With Mailchimp – Understanding and Using Mailchimp Email Marketing Automation 14. How To Set Up An Affiliate Program To Utilize Affiliate Marketing 15. How To Maximize Your Social Media Marketing Success 16. 7 Steps to Crafting a Social Media Strategy 17. Getting Started With Facebook Marketing – Understanding and Using Facebook For Marketing 18. Getting Started With YouTube Marketing – Understanding And Using YouTube For Marketing 19. Getting Started With Twitter Marketing – Understanding And Using Twitter For Marketing 20. Getting Started With Pinterest Marketing – Understanding And Using Pinterest For Marketing 21. Getting Started With Quora Marketing – Understanding And Using Quora For Marketing 22. Emotive Advertisements – How To Use Emotional Triggers In Advertising 23. Facebook Ads Tutorial – Complete Facebook Advertising Guide 24. What Makes A Successful Search Engine Marketing Campaign 25. How To Set Up Your Google Ads Remarketing Tag 26. How To Create Custom Conversions in Google Ads 27. How To Setup Custom Conversion Audiences In Adwords 28. How To Setup A Google Ads Search Campaign 29. How To Setup A Google Ads Display Campaign 30. How To Sync Your Google Adwords Campaigns With Bing Ads 31. How I Sell Marketing Funnels And Communication Automations In Facebook Messenger 32. & So much more! On top of that, once you have learned this unique skillset, you can get started earning an income online right away! Start building your own digital empire by following The Complete Digital Marketing Blueprint! Use the skills you learn to get paid & help others do the same, there is no better feeling! Order now & discover how to work smarter & harder than the other guys! Plus get free updates for life! It has never been this easy to get started with digital marketing and earning an income online, until now.

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