December 7, 2022

Get RICH in Your 20’s FAST *watch this to become a MILLIONAIRE in 2023*

I show you exactly How to Get Rich in your 20s. This video will make you a millionaire in 2023 if you watch till the end and apply what u learnt from this video. This was a lecture on ‘How to ACTUALLY Get Rich in your 20s’ that I hosted in my Discord server which you can join by clicking the link below!

timestamps (watch the entire video and DO NOT skip around if you want this video to work for you):
0:00 They want to KEEP YOU POOR!
1:33 Everyone’s advice is SH*T
5:40 My 4 Steps to GET RICH
18:00 BEST Investment I made *that made me 6 figures*
22:29 3 Reasons on why you are BROKIE
28:23 Discord QnA (How to be Disciplined, Book Recommendations and more)
36:13 What to do now?

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