October 31, 2022

Napoleon Hill’s Advice – How To Get Rich If You’re Broke

Napoleon Hill’s advice is popular with millionaires and billionaires around the world. All this thanks to his book “Think and Get Rich” which not only became a bestseller, but also revealed many money secrets!

Napoleon Hill did not think of being a writer, moreover his plans did not include telling tips that make money. But the situation changed by chance. Hill managed to interview Andrew Carnegie, who subsequently asked Napoleon to write a book about his personal success. Thanks to his acquaintance with Carnegie, Napoleon Hill was also able to communicate with famous entrepreneurs of the time. For example, with Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. Similarly, Napoleon Hill interviewed Rockefeller and tried to uncover the secrets of his extended family’s wealth.

After analyzing the success strategies of famous entrepreneurs and billionaires of the time, Napoleon Hill wrote the book “Think and Get Rich”. It was in it that he laid out the innermost secrets of finance and business of the rich people of those years. According to Napoleon Hill’s quotes, this was and will be great knowledge that can make even the poorest person rich.

Moreover, this knowledge is still relevant today. Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Get Rich, is one of Warren Buffett’s favorite books. Buffett is a famous investor and billionaire. So, if you also read the book “Think and Get Rich” by Napoleon Hill, perhaps you too will become a rich and successful billionaire.

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