October 3, 2022

I Used The Funnels The Wrong Way, But It’s Actually Better [Zeepkist]

Welcome to Zeepkist! Today my friends and I all built soapbox race courses around the theme “Funnels”. I decided to think outside of the funnel for this one…

@Kosmonaut’s Track:
@Dapper’s Track:
@kAN Gaming’s Track:

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About Zeepkist
Zeepkist is a racing game for 1-4 players, or up to 16 online, in which players race down extreme downhill soapbox courses to set the best times possible!

If you like weird physics, soapbox racing, and/or creating your own crazy tracks, then this is the game for you!

– Race against time itself in Adventure mode!
– Crash into your friends in 4-player local multiplayer!
– Be the best zeepkister ever in online multiplayer!

– 49 official (Early Access) adventure levels!
– Unlockable hats and soapboxes for days!
– Tons of achievements to unlock!

– Create your own zeepkist levels with the level editor!
– Use Steam Workshop to share your levels!

– Enjoy unlimited Dutchness! With classic Dutch content such as the stroopwafel soapbox and the hat of Dutch Santa!

In the Zeepkist level editor, you get access to the same tools the developer uses to create official tracks!

Pick from over 1000 different level editor blocks! (At time of writing), including dynamic physics props and even NPC cats!

Use the paint tool to paint levels however which way you want, pick from multiple skyboxes in the settings menu, and use the tree gun to quickly decorate your levels with lush greenery and trees!

Zeepkist has online multiplayer support for rooms of up to 16 players at a time!

Compete to set the best times possible, unlock wild achievements, and show off your swag hats and zeepkists to your friends!

Zeepkist is currently in Early Access, and actively being developed! Expect new features, content, and other updates to roll out over time!

Store Page: #scrapman #zeepkist

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