September 10, 2022

Louise Hay – DO NOT MISS THIS! Practice This Breathing Technique and Get Rich Quick!

According to Louise Hay, daily meditation sends the message that you don’t have to go through life anxious and uptight. Relaxation is vitally necessary for tapping into one’s inner strength. It takes only a few minutes per day to allow the body and mind to release tension and relax. You can strengthen your affirmation by creating a clear, positive image through imagery. Joan Bohr’s mind in the body, mending the mind is an easy-to-understand book on meditation.

We must engage in visualisations that are subconsciously less offensive to us. When you criticise yourself, you diminish your ability to create. Tell yourself you are fantastic. Be there for yourself the next time you attempt something new, different, or that you are still learning. By the time you have completed this task six times, you will be an expert.

Loving yourself entails providing for yourself. Reach out to friends and accept their assistance. In every city, support groups are available. There are 12 Step programmes for virtually any issue. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you may create your own group. It is not as frightening as you may believe.

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Louise Hay – DO NOT MISS THIS! Practice This Breathing Technique and Get Rich Quick!

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