August 30, 2022

OFFICIAL: Meet Shaqir Hussyin, CEO – WealthAcademy &

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️❤️ Hey everyone, Shaqir Hussyin here – I’m an online marketing multi-millionaire who generated more than $30Million before I turned 30 years old. I’ve been featured on Forbes as a Digital Trendsetter and I made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot of lessons so I’d like to share with you for free my best insights, so go ahead and subscribe today.

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❤️️ Whilst impacting tens of thousands of people’s lives in person, traveling over 87+ countries before the age of just 30. I made a lot of mistakes as well on the way and now I’m on YouTube, Instagram, iTunes, LinkedIn & TikTok to share my greatest lessons so you too can create prosperity, power & profits in your life…

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Over the last 9 years, Shaqir Hussyin went from being a broke, frustrated university dropout to becoming a multi-millionaire, traveling to 75+ places all over the world, being featured on Forbes, and is now on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to take control of their life.

Shaqir Hussyin is on a mission to create 100 millionaires and 1,000 six-figure earners in the next 3 years.

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By Shaqir Hussyin, founder and CEO of Wealth Academy: “Empower. Educate. Earn”

Here are a few services and products. Check out all products and services here:

My mission is to create a global movement of entrepreneurs that solve meaningful problems, create meaningful impact, and get paid for the value they share.



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“Change your mindset
Change your actions
Change your results
Change your life
Digital Marketing”

– Shaqir Hussyin

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