July 28, 2022

Get rich FAST with the Horker/Find item Barb ! 400 Travincal runs – Diablo 2 resurrected

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In this diablo 2 resurrected episode, i did 400 travincal runs with my horker/75%+find item barb (whirlwind)! Hope you enjoy the video. Subscribe & click on the bell to receive notifications !

So ! Why this barb? why not a goldfind barb? why WW & not zerk? budget build?

By reading this, you should get all the information you need.

I want YOU to get rich (and have fun ofc^^) ! And in order to achieve that, you need to focus on one thing: FAST RUNS (full run in 1-2min or 40sec-1min with high end equipment).

You will find a lot of charms & jewels, a bunch of rare/blue items that can have a huge potential (like these +5java/10ias i found, damnit ! So close), some good unique but most importantly, HR’s !

As I said in the video, this is not a build to find gold, you shouldn’t waste time running around the map to pick up gold. You want to exit ASAP & repeat !

Don’t get me wrong, i love the pure goldfind barb build and you could eventually make a barb that has a descent %goldfind as well. For example, you can replace some sc’s 7mf for few GC +1warcry 30-40%gold find & use 2x alibaba in switch, you will get much more gold…

Gambling is fun but it can take months before you gamble a circlet/tiara that is worth few hr’s. And if you go that way, you will find less HR’s, less charms, jwls, items as well.

If you are a bit patient and don’t give up after 10 runs, I guarantee you’ll find some interesting stuff & get rich in no time.

My inventory is filled with sc’s 7mf clean or +resists or +mana. I have a gheed 40%mf, a GC 15all res/7frw & a LC 5frw/48ar/5max dmg as well.

eth reaper’s toll sock shael
guardian angel 200ed (still unsocked, how lazy i am !)
Kira’s 69all resist sock 15ias jwl

Skill tree =
1 hard point at increased stamina
1 hard point at increased speed
1 hard point at iron skin
1 hard point at natural resistance
1 hard point at berserk (versus physical immune)
1 hard point at battle command
MAX find item
MAX find potion (each hard point gives +1 to find item)
Rest of your skill points split between Battle order & sword mastery (it depends if you need more life or more dmg/attack rating) i went for sword mastery.


– If you can’t afford a grief (or 2x^^) get 2x oath or 1x oath + rhyme shield ( rhyme has CNBF so you don’t need to sock a CHAM in your helm)
– Laying of hands is a must & super cheap (350%dmg to demons, council is all demons)
chance guard has 40mf & 200gold find but you will lose way too much damage.
– Highlord is cheap, get one! (+2barb amu / teleport charge amulet is a nice option as well)
– no enigma? It’s fine, shaft or even lionheart Runeword will do
don’t use duress RW (shattering corpses & then you won’t be able to “find item”)
– Do not use ravenfrost, (shattering corpses & then you won’t be able to “find item”)
use 2x rare rings, at least one with %ll & one with %ml
– goreriders or some 30frw/resists boots but try to get war traveler with LOW-MID %MF.
– guillaume face, super cheap & best in slot, adds massive dmg, try to sock it with CHAM
you can also use shako/arreat but that’s a huge DPS loss.
– string of ears or thundergod

Feeling weak with WW? Try berserk or concentration, depending on your equipment, it might be better/faster. For endgame, WW barb is better than ZERK/CONZ. I showed an example with a 7sec kill but when council isn’t split between downstair & upstair, it takes 5-6sec.

if you have any questions, post in the comment section

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