July 8, 2022

This Is Why I Stopped Trying To Get Rich

At first, I thought I was a quitter but then I said I don’t care. Trying to get rich is the steepest, harder, never-ending achievement and will never fulfill you. And the worst thing of it all, is trying to get rich fast and then getting rich and losing everything, because most people don’t understand what it takes to make money (risk taking) is not the same thing that keeps money (risk averse)

So let me explain myself, because I don’t want you to think “tommy you decided to be a loser” by all standard I’m a part of the 1% in my age group. I’m not saying this to show off, but to tell you that I grew up in a third world country, single mom, and wasn’t one of those kids you see in the movies that is super smart. I’m a normal guy and by all statistics I should be a loser honestly, so much stuff that one day I’ll share with you guys.

So, in this video, I’ll tell you how I accomplished what took my grandpa 45 years to do and he still can’t retire, and I did it in 7 years. And I’m 90% done (financial freedom). I’ll show you what I learned so you don’t have to go through what I went through.

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1. My Goals in the Beginning

-I wanted to be rich, and rich to me was weird, because all I knew was that it involved a lot of money and me having to do a lot work and take a lot risk to achieve it

-Most people think that I made my money by being a YouTube but that’s not the full story

-Here what you don’t know, what I did to accomplish my goal

Some details: Job related

-I worked on YouTube 7 days a week for 2 years without stopping

-I had a business that I worked full time also (with over 30 plus clients that made me around 8k and got to leave it with around 100k plus )

-I sold things on eBay on the weekend with my friends and I also took odd jobs to make extra money


-I didn’t have time to maintain myself, relationships and nothing else really except the goal

-My dad was sick but I was so focused I couldn’t visit before he passed away, I didn’t really spend time with my girlfriend back then (the goal was more important) and I was also becoming one of those people that as their wallet grew so did their pants sized

-You see I believe you get what you focus on in life, so as I focused more on money I made more, and I focused less on Life it got away from me.

One more detail:

-The more goals crushed the bigger they got

-Here is some proof that was always in my videos that no one noticed

2. What changed me (it was not one thing but multiple things)

-It was reading Dave Ramseys book to trash him but realizing he was right about a lot of things
-It was studying my mentors’ personal lives and not wanting to end up like them
-It was looking in the mirror and realizing I didn’t like what I saw
-It was also looking at my relationships and just having this face of disbelief

Before it was to late:

-I was going to buy the nice Lambo most likely with OPM
-I was going to buy a Real estate property 3 family with OPM
-I was going to enlarge my business with OPM
-I was going to create the biggest house of cards in my entire generation

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