June 29, 2022

Get Rich When Your Best Friend Becomes Famous | Social Tokens

Investing in Fame? Is that even possible? Our answer is hell yeah!

With Social Tokens people can invest in their idols and even vote for some of their personal decisions and communicate exclusively with them on social networks.

Of course, investing in Doge is great (boring), but as much as the good boy on the coin tries to deceive us, it is not real. You’re investing in the demand for an inanimate asset. But what if you could invest your money in the future success of a person? A living individual that you can influence, meet for coffee, or even get intimate with. Behold the ‘Social Token’.

In this video, Bradley will tell you about different types of social tokens, what they are made for, and of course, it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t mention the risks for investors that Social Tokens can hide. Are you ready?

00:00 – Introduction
01:37 – Internet’s Got Talent
03:42 – Token vs Coin
05:54 – The best investment to have ever been recorded
07:52 – Social tokens
08:58 – Personal Tokens
10:07 – Сommunity Tokens
11:33 – Bored Ape Yacht Club
13:21 – Four examples of Social token platforms, how they differ
15:23 – To be or not to be…

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