June 20, 2022

16 Foundations You Need To Get Rich

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Foundations you need before getting rich. Enjoy!

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Introduction
01:35 work on Yourself
03:03 Humility
03:40 Understand the impact you will have
04:16 Investing
04:45 Find things that make you happy
05:12 The Importance of having the right people
05:45 Avoid Complacency
06:18 Experiences over items
06:55 Frugality
07:28 Have your ego in check
07:58 You are only wealthy, to the extent to which your money can work for you
08:37 You don’t have to buy everything you want
09:13 Money is just a means to an end
09:31 Focus on how much you save
09:58 Having goals is necessary
10:33 You can lose it all


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