June 12, 2022

You *ONLY* Have 3 Years to Get Rich | Life Will Become HELL For the 99%

Here’s whats going to happen to the 99% in the next 36 Months.. Add me on IG @thisisjohnwilliams

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Normally when people try to get rich quick they fail and they do so usually because they are trying to extract more value from the monetary relationship than they are inputting. Let me rephrase this, they are betting on something or investing in something that they do not understand and expecting a result that is not merited. However if you look at getting rich fast, I would suggest looking at it based on how you can supply the most value to the world in the shortest time possible and at the lowest costs to you. If you can make 1,000 peoples life better, your life will be better. If you can increase the quality of life for a million people your life will be greatly enhanced.

I think the big problems today with money is people just expect an easy journey to becoming financially free. My advice is to make money online and to do so in a way that is very easy and cost effective. One great way to do this is an Ecommerce store, making money through YouTube and other online social media platforms.

You want to do so now before technology and robotics become a large part of our everyday life and there is less opportunity and less available customers to buy and sell. This is the time to think big and put large action behind your business goals.

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