May 26, 2022

Branding Secrets

How would your life and business be different if you could multiply your sales and increase your prices in the next 30 days? Discover the secret branding experts don’t want you to know. More than 4 years of research, 34 entrepreneurs interviewed, $30,000 invested, hundreds of enemies made along the way, 1 attempted lynching, barred from the lucrative circle of ‘experts’… All this just to be able to share the best kept secrets of the branding world with you, secrets that will enable you to build your brand for much less money than you think. WARNING: This is NOT a book about pretending to be Superman and learning to do it all by yourself. This book is for business owners and entrepreneurs who take their business very seriously…and their life with good humor. What will you learn then? In this book you’ll learn to create the basic features of your brand, those that can skyrocket your sales and prices overnight, by outsourcing to the best professionals at low cost prices. Avoid the long years of hard work and impossible investments that other brands have required to create the security and trust needed to be able to sell without worrying about your price point. Forget about learning to do everything for yourself or settling for asking your cousin, friend, neighbor, etc. to do it for you… due to a lack of funds! Who is this book NOT for? Branding agencies: I’m going to reveal your secrets. DO NOT buy this book… it’ll only make you mad! Branding gurus: I’ll be demonstrating how to expose you. DO NOT buy this book… it’ll only make you mad! Designers and developers: I’ll be explaining where to find the best, and cheapest, professionals. DO NOT buy this book… it’ll only make you mad! Audiovisual production companies: I will show your potential clients how to survive without your extortionately priced services. DO NOT buy this book… it’ll only make you mad! Etc. So who IS the book for? Business owners: Whether you’re a small businessperson taking your first steps in the industry or a big business with years of experience behind you, this book will help you to make the leap to the “next level”. Entrepreneurs: Do you sometimes feel like you’d have to be Superman to juggle all the different aspects of your project? Do you keep signing up (and paying) for courses and training sessions to learn absolutely everything there is to know for yourself? Then you need to read this book UR-GENT-LY! If my book DOES deliver what it promised: In less than a month you’ll be selling more. You’ll be able to increase your prices without worrying about you rivals selling at a lower price point. Your customers will start treating you like the professional you are and will stop trying to haggle for better prices. You’ll grow your returns on the investments made on present and future marketing campaigns. Etc. If my book DOESN’T deliver what it promised: You’ll be a bit wiser and… I will refund 120% of your money! 120% Money Back Guarantee: if after reading my book it doesn’t live up to your expectations, send me an email and I will refund 120% of the amount paid. No questions asked. As you will see… You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

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