May 8, 2022

GET RICH! or FUN WAY TO GO BROKE? Tilling Gardens with Subcompact Tractor!

Tilling gardens with a subcompact tractor seems like a great side business until you realize how much it costs the tractor owner. Tractor Time with Tim loves to till especially in tight spaces like suburban homes but he doesn’t make money at it.

Maschio Tiller:

Tractor Time with Tim Information:
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Ken’s Bolt on Hooks


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Heavy Hitch:
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Ariat Clothing and Shoes:
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Tim’s Favorites –

John Deere 2038R, 5075E, & 835M HVAC Gator
AHW LLC John Deere Dealership

John Deere Parts
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ISOtunes Bluetooth Hearing Protection
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Artillian (Curtis Cabs)
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Precision Grapple
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Rhino Ag


Lube Shuttle
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The Original Tractor Cab
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Mudd’s Custom
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