April 16, 2022

GBO2 on Steam & BANNED, Giant Sazabi Funnels, And More [Gundam News]

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00:00 Gundam Battle Operation 2 on Steam and Banned (in Belgium)
04:06 Gundam Evolution Server Tests
04:39 New DX Decals
05:15 Some Gunpla Restocks
05:45 Live Size Nu Gundam News & Giant Sazabi Funnels
07:30 HG Asmodeus/Asmoday Released
08:54 Gundam Mobility Joint 1 Released
10:06 Gundam Reading Material News
10:46 Gundam Apparel News
14:26 The Coolest Thing About the Life Sized Nu Gundam [Gundam.Info Poll]
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