March 14, 2022

Network Marketing Recruiting Tips – 4 Steps To Mastering The Art of Social Media Recruiting

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Network Marketing Recruiting Tips – 4 Steps To Mastering The Art of Social Media Recruiting

Unless you’ve been living in a cave on some rocky Tibetan peak for the past 20 years, you’ve no doubt got a Social Media account or two…

…and have seen other Network Marketers trying their hand at Social Media recruiting.

Some with better results than others.

Now, you might be skeptical about whether or not these online prospecting methods can work for you and your MLM business.

Well, I’m here to tell you that if you’re a Network Marketer and you aren’t actively and strategically recruiting using Social Media, you might as well pack up and move into a Tibetan cave and contemplate the sound of one hand clapping!

Because here’s the bottom line…

Social Media is the single most powerful way to prospect for, recruit, and grow your Network Marketing business.

But you have to do it RIGHT.

You have to do it without spamming, browbeating, begging, pestering, or manipulating anybody into coming to some “mysterious” home party or hotel presentation.

If you do it right, you’ll never have to face shame, rejection, or embarrassment again.

People who want to do business with you will find YOU.

If you do it right, people will select themselves INTO your business – quite literally recruiting, enrolling, and training themselves!

So, how do you do it the right way?

Follow these 4 essential steps to recruiting using Social Media to build your online empire…

✅ Choose Your Preferred Social Media Recruiting Platform
✅ Setup For Success
✅ Build An Audience (Fan Base)
✅ Advertise To The Warm Audience

In a nutshell, Social Media recruiting is very straightforward. It is a very simple process.

And the good news is, that once you’ve set up your first Social Media recruiting campaign, you can almost automate the process.

But it requires patience.

It requires persistent daily action.

It requires mastering one step at a time.

Social Media recruiting requires a plan.

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We’ll show you exactly what to do and how to position yourself, so you’ll never have to chase, annoy, pester, or beg anybody, ever, to take a look at your products, services, and business.

These methods allow you to build your business automatically—where prospects reach out to you (instead of you having to reach out to them).

The bottom line is that, in today’s age, you don’t need to be pushy, obnoxious, or overly-aggressive to build a successful business!

In this FREE Bootcamp, you’ll learn the same strategies used by the top 6&7-figure earners to take their Network Marketing businesses into the 21st century by recruiting on Social Media.

So if you’re ready to learn how…

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⏰ Timestamps in this Network Marketing Recruiting Tips video ⏰
0:00 Intro
1:08 Choose Your Preferred Social Media Recruiting Platform
3:23 Setup For Success
5:17 Build An Audience (Fan Base)
6:43 Advertise To The Warm Audience

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