March 1, 2022

You Can Get Rich Selling Poop!

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Sweet Anita looks at how people have made money selling their own poop. One girl sells farts in a jar, an artists sells his poop canned and did you know you can even sell your poop for medical purposes?
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Sweet Anita looks into how people can get rich quick selling poop. The first story looks at the story of ’90 Day Fiancé’ star Stephanie Matto (Stepanka) who went viral after selling jars of her own farts and made over $200,000 before getting ill and having to goto hospital. The second looks at how the artist Piero Manzoni sold his own canned poop and lastly Anita looks into how you can sell your poop for medical reasons to help sick people get well from poop transplants (OpenBiome).

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