February 15, 2022

Top 3 Affiliate Marketing Funnels To Automate Your Income

Learn the affiliate marketing funnel secrets that professional marketers are using to make millions. Links to the free trainings and resources are in the description 👇

Here is the affiliate marketing deep dive training I referenced in the video:

In this video above I actually go into the different affiliate networks to find a real product and show you how to build out and affiliate marketing funnel based on real-world offers.

Then, once you understand the theory behind the affiliate funnel and the offer… You need to actually build out the funnel which I detail in this video:

If you are using WordPress for your affiliate marketing website and you want to build an affiliate funnel on WordPress, the DIY sales funnel video series shows you how:

Once your funnel is up and running you will need to begin email marketing…

This starts with writing and autoresponder and then requires you to send broadcast emails in the future.

As I mentioned in this video multiple times, your goal is always to presell your products not to sell them. I have a free e-book that teaches affiliate marketers how to presell here:

Because the truth of this business model is that your email list is actually your distribution channel for your affiliate offers as explained in this important video:

For help stepping into your role as a professional email marketer, I recommend this course if you are confused about what to email because it has 80 Templates you can use to send off moneymaking emails fast:

Lastly, if you want more…

You can get my entire affiliate marketing crash course for free here:

This free course is my way of giving back to the community that has helped me build a business that generates millions.

I don’t need your money so I am not charging 997 like the greedy gurus would.

My entire goal here is to help you build a real business from home that you can run via a laptop that gives you time and abundance to live life on your terms.

I call this lifestyle design and it’s the real “why” behind everything I do. If you don’t understand my take on lifestyle design, watch this video:

In my personal opinion this is the real secret to success. Not some affiliate marketing strategy.

We still need to do the work and give value to others through affiliate marketing to generate the cash flow.

But the motivation and the energy required to publish consistently is an affiliate comes from having a big why and from having a clear vision of the life you are designing.

Miles Beckler

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