February 14, 2022

Crypto Trading Secrets to GET RICH

Crypto Trading Secrets to GET RICH yes, it is really possible especially when you use these free crypto trading tips, techniques, and secrets to be successful. I have been trading cryptocurrencies for 5 years, I have learned, earned, and lost A LOT! Subscribe to VoskCoin –

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FOMO and FUD can make your rich or poor, trading bitcoin, ethereum, and crypto is pretty easy these days but actually making money, earning more money than you lose from your trades is not as simple. There’s active income you can earn, trading, leverage trading, and farming things like crypto airdrops. There are also passive income opportunities in crypto, earning interest on your coins, staking, and yield farming. Today I try to break down what made me money, what lost me money, and how I have evolved my mindset to become a more profitable crypto investor and a more profitable crypto trader!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Crypto techniques to make you money!
01:16 What is FOMO and FUD?
02:15 #1 technique for crypto gains
04:51 Mindset for trading crypto
07:14 Lessons from previous crypto bull markets
10:11 Crypto passive income
12:08 Are you still early in crypto?
14:04 Missing out on crypto projects
17:42 Speculation vs long-term holds
19:50 The best technique for crypto trading
21:05 Spyrit & their new metaverse!

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