February 10, 2022

Keyword Research

Niche research and selection is one of the most important tasks you would carry out when starting an online business. If you don’t get niche selection right then nothing else works after, no matter how well you carry out the other tasks like product creation and marketing. Keyword research is the practice of finding and analysing actual search phrases people enter into search engines when they’re finding information online. You don’t get to “decide” on a niche or “pick” a niche. Rather, you have to FIND a niche in the market that is currently profitable. With keyword research you get to see real customer activity, which enables you to find out if people are looking for solutions online for a particular subject area or not. If they are searching online, then what kind of phrases are they using to search for the information? Are the search volumes large enough to be potentially profitable? How about the competition? These are the questions you have to ask. You don’t “target” a demographic or “select” a group to market to. You FIND what is currently selling in the market and make decisions based on that. This is where this book comes in. Keyword Research will teach you how to find out what people are actually actively looking for and spending money on. So you get to find out the right niche to enter, based on real statistics on current customer behaviour, rather than guess work or speculation. Hence you dramatically increase your likelihood of success in doing business online. In this book you’ll learn: How to adopt the mindset of a marketer so you actually succeed online where the majority fail. The “Niche Test” – 4 questions that will enable you determine if a Niche is a viable business opportunity or not. Step-by-step instructions for how to narrow down your niche using examples. How to brainstorm for Niche seed ideas and where to search for ideas. What to look out for when finding keywords specifically for Affiliate Marketing. How to find Long Tail Keywords to target with your posts and articles for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). How to find Long Tail Keywords using free tools available online. How to carry out Competitor Analysis using free tools available online. A super-fast way to find and analyse low competition Long Tail Keywords using paid tools. BONUS: A review of 33 highly profitable niches online to kick-start your brainstorming. Want to know more? Scroll up and click on the buy button and get started today!

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