February 10, 2022

How to GET RICH the sweaty way w/ Nick Huber (Ep. 534)

I’m joined by Nick Huber (@Sweaty Startup ), a self-storage business owner/operator and promoter of starting small unsexy businesses, to discuss how to start a business and make $1000 in the first month, spotting opportunities, objections to getting dirty, and generational wealth.

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00:00 – Introduction
02:05 – First advice for those wanting to start a side gig and increase income
05:40 – Growing skills to find opportunity
07:15 – Graduating high school with $40k
09:06 – Details on college storage busienss
10:00 – Launch of post-college storage business
11:32 – Shifting to buying storage facilities
12:43 – Raising outside capital to buy more storage facilities
15:31 – Objection: I don’t want to do hard stuff
18:45 – Objection: What if this is a dead end?
20:10 – Importance of geography
23:03 – Value of learning how to run a business
25:30 – Jobber and online tools
28:00 – Hiring from Philippines
30:09 – Finding and working with a partner, 2 reasons why partnerships fail
35:03 – What are you teaching your kids about business and money?
42:45 – Sample business idea generation
46:25 – Where does motivation come from
53:32 – Learning how businesses make money
57:20 – Importance of relational skills

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