February 2, 2022

The #1 Reason People Fail in Network Marketing (It’s NOT What You Think)

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The #1 Reason People Fail in Network Marketing (It’s NOT What You Think)

About one in thirteen adults (18+) have participated in at least one in multi-level marketing (MLM)—sometimes referred to as direct sales or Network Marketing—organization during their lifetime, according to the AARP Foundation. But do these people really make money doing Multi-Level Marketing? What’s the actual likelihood of Network Marketing success?

The AARP Foundation’s study found that 44% of participants dropped out after less than one year working with an MLM. More specifically:

😮 A minimum of 50% of MLM representatives drop out in the first year.
😮 A minimum of 90% of representatives leave within five years.
😮 By year 10, only those at or near the top have not dropped out—which means at least 95% of representatives have dropped out.

According to another research, done by the FTC, a whopping 99% of recruited sellers lose money in an MLM venture. That means just 1% actually turn a profit.

If you’re also not having the success you want in your Network Marketing business, today’s video will help you.

After working with tens of thousands of Network Marketers from all over the world, there’s ONE main reason I’ve found that causes people to fail in MLM.

And, it has NOTHING to do with…

❌ Your company
❌ Your products
❌ Your services
❌ Your upline
❌ Your team

Yes, all of these are important.

What’s more important is this ONE REASON, and the beauty is you’re in total control of it. I’ll share what this is in the video, and I’ll also show you how to make sure you never fail again in Network Marketing.

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