January 21, 2022

Power Branding Secrets

I wrote Power Branding Secrets to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups to develop brands that grow into enduring, profitable enterprises. In my book, you will learn: * How to build a brand from scratch * What are the most effective online advertising methods * How to leverage social media and video marketing to grow a brand * How the media can become an ally and one of your best methods to FREE advertising and marketing Are you looking to attract more customers and grow your revenue? In this book, you will discover proven branding, marketing and modern advertising methods that will grow any brand. Building a Power Brand requires proven and tested know-how, hard work, ingenuity, creativity, humility and a tremendous amount of bull-headed determination. With good online advertising, video marketing, blogging and social media, any brand can attract more customers and generate higher revenue. People prefer to purchase branded products and services that showcase their status and position in life to their friends and to the world at large. A Power Brand is a highly effective device that catapults brand awareness above that of competitors, thus creating a definitive edge for your marketing, advertising, business development, and revenue. Moreover, a Power Brand permits customers to see a product or service as something more than utilitarian. Your brand becomes a part of something significant in their lives and is interwoven into their sense of well-being, providing a richer existence. Power Branding achieves previously unrealized benefits for your business or startup and it achieves these by telling people four important factors: 1. Who you are. 2. What you do. 3. How you do it. 4. Why you do it.

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