January 21, 2022

PENNY STOCKS or BLUE CHIP? How to Get Rich from Stock Market?

BLUE CHIP or PENNY STOCKS? Where Should Beginners Invest to Get Rich?
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I often get asked about best penny stocks to buy now or the best blue chip stocks to buy for long term investing in Indian stock market to get rich?
This is my answer about which is the best penny stocks or how to find the next Titan type of stocks to achieve financial freedom and get rich from share market investing.

Penny stocks are the stocks that has their share price at very low levels, for example, a Penny stock will usually trade for about Rs.10 or Rs. 1 or even under Rs.1.
Whereas, a blue chip companies are well establish and stable companies which long track record of good dividend payments (regular income for stock investor), good profit growth and less risky.

Although the price may seem right for a penny stock, but the average penny offers a poor long-term return. After all, it’s hard to create a successful business. It’s much easier and cheaper to set up a company and sell stock to the public. That’s why bad penny stocks always outnumber good ones.

Penny stocks can also be more easily manipulated than most stocks that trade on exchanges because of their generally low trading levels and the resulting price volatility. Combine this with a lack of regulatory oversight on some stock exchanges and the fact these companies are easy to launch, and you can appreciate why investment frauds are more common with penny stocks.

Blue chip stocks: The blue-chip investments we recommend have a history of profits going back for at least 5 to 10 years. Companies that make money regularly are safer than chronic or even occasional money losers.

Blue chip companies can give investors an additional measure of safety in volatile markets. And Penny stocks rarely pay dividends.

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01:03 What are Penny Stocks?
02:30 What are Blue Chip Stocks?
03:05 Penny Stocks vs Blue Chip Stocks
07:05 Analysis of a Penny Stock
10:26 Should Beginners Invest in Penny Stocks?

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