January 15, 2022

How to Get Rich in 2022

This video is about how to get rich, how to build wealth, and how to become a millionaire. Maximizing your income is one of the most important parts of getting rich and building wealth. This includes finding high pay jobs, jobs that allow you to make a lot of money through strong performance, and starting side businesses or side hustles. In addition to making a lot of money at your job, you also need to use that income to generate passive income through investing. This video focuses on investing in stocks, investing in real estate, and buying small business. Additionally, it is important to reduce your living expenses. A big part of that is reducing your housing expense which I do through house hacking, where I bought a duplex (multifamily property) and rent the other units.

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Link to Investor Center Patreon where I post all the tools and resources I personally used to grow my portfolio to $300,000 at 24 years old:

Charlie Munger’s 4 Step Investing Checklist:

This Advice from Charlie Munger helped me save $300,000:
Revealing my $300,000 investment portfolio at 24 years old:

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