December 30, 2021

Predictive Marketing

Make personalized marketing a reality with this practical guideto predictive analytics Predictive Marketing is a predictive analytics primer fororganizations large and small, offering practical tips andactionable strategies for implementing more personalized marketingimmediately. The marketing paradigm is changing, and this bookprovides a blueprint for navigating the transition from creative-to data-driven marketing, from one-size-fits-all to one-on-one, andfrom marketing campaigns to real-time customer experiences. You’lllearn how to use machine-learning technologies to improve customeracquisition and customer growth, and how to identify and re-engageat-risk or lapsed customers by implementing an easy, automatedapproach to predictive analytics. Much more than just theory andtestament to the power of personalized marketing, this book focuseson action, helping you understand and actually begin using thisrevolutionary approach to the customer experience. Predictive analytics can finally make personalized marketing areality. For the first time, predictive marketing is accessible toall marketers, not just those at large corporations — infact, many smaller organizations are leapfrogging their largercounterparts with innovative programs. This book shows you how tobring predictive analytics to your organization, with actionableguidance that get you started today. Implement predictive marketing at any size organization Deliver a more personalized marketing experience Automate predictive analytics with machine learningtechnology Base marketing decisions on concrete data rather than unprovenideas Marketers have long been talking about delivering personalizedexperiences across channels. All marketers want to deliverhappiness, but most still employ a one-size-fits-all approach.Predictive Marketing provides the information and insightyou need to lift your organization out of the campaign rut and intothe rarefied atmosphere of a truly personalized customerexperience.

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