November 17, 2021

The Magic of the Mind

This book is written based on Jatin Arora’s personal experience. In this book, he shares his failures, learnings from those failures, and implementation of those lessons to become successful in your business. Alongside, he talks about the importance of skills and habits. He also shares the techniques of building good habits for your success. Jatin has done what most people only dream of doing, There is so much that everyone can learn from his journey of walking on extraordinary paths to achieve extraordinary outcomes in Life. I am so happy to see him inspiring so many individuals daily with his knowledge and motivation. He is an amazing leader who is creating new leaders every day. – Himeesh Madan It’s been over half a decade now, I know Mr. Jatin Arora. If I need to define him in just 1 word then it would be a “Leader”. He is undoubtedly a true example of a leader, who first walks and then talks. I have seen him succeeding from very beginning, his hard work, dedication, early morning drills and late evening meetings, and for sure it was not an over night game but his consistency in efforts and ever lasting will to improve and grow has made him what he is today. – Pushkar Raj Thakur Jatin Arora is a man of integrity and courage. Having gone through so many ups and downs in his life, he never gave up on his dreams. He has faced the worst pain in his life but still had a smile on his face, he has faced defeat after a difficult competitive battle but still got up with the same spirit, he has faced humiliation. He is a true inspiration for this generation who is always ready to serve the youth with his fierce voice and thoughts. – Kulwant Nagi

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