November 8, 2021

Naval Ravikant | The Most Important Skill To Get Rich – And Debunking The Lies [with Charlie Munger]

Naval Ravikant is asked by a 21-year old (with no money) what he should do in order to get rich. For not spoiling you the video, I will just say that it has to do with a behavior that implies delayed gratification and thinking in a non-linear way (we humans are biased to think linearly, so is not easy).


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Work Ethic doesn’t matter. You can work as hard as possible and Not get rich. — So, getting rich is not about pure Hard Work. But if Hard Work is directed in the right way, then it matters.

(Getting Rich) is about knowing What to do, When to do it, and with Whom to do it. It is about understanding. Once you figure this out, the next is about executing the path — which will probably require the hard work.

But as we see, hard work comes implicitly by figuring out a path/destination. Don’t do the hard work for its own sake, that would be a waste of time.

This is why the most important skill for becoming rich is to be a perpetual learner. Become a good learner and don’t be intimidated by any book.
And when feeling confuse during the learning sessions — That’s OK. Your brain is like a muscle, and it means that is being”trained”.

Foundation of “axioms” (based on full truth) are critical for learning and interpreting new information. So, when developing the “axioms” make sure you are consuming high quality information.

How do we make sure that our foundation is high quality?

1. Stick to Hard Science, Mathematics, MicroEconomics and the “basics”. Why? There is no disagreement between people in these areas, so they are solid foundations. e.g./ Arithmetics and geometry (instead of complicated calculus), Microeconomics (instead of Macroeconomics), ….

2. Read the Classics on timeless topics. Evolution? Charles Darwin. Economics? Adam Smith.

Once you acquire the solid foundations, you won’t fear any book, and will have the confidence to learn anything you want. And the more you learn, the more options you will have on how to make money. Because you can understand new trends in society (where is the demand, value…).

” If you are a perpetual learning machine, you will never be out of options on how to make money”

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