November 5, 2021

Low Cap 1000x NFT Gaming Altcoins Gems | Get Rich With Crypto

With news about VR and Metaverses at the forefront of technology, good crypto altcoins that are involved with this tech will pose crazy opportunity to invest in coins that have high growth potential. I wont be allocating more than 1% into any of these, but at the current prices, you don’t need to in order to make life changing investments. In this video ill review some coins that I think will launch with VR and P2E gaming.

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Video Chapters:
0:00​ – Intro
1:00 – BAS Overview
5:12 – BAS Technical Analysis
6:29 – RPG Overview
11:02 – MANA Overview
13:36 – MANA Technical Analysis
14:52 – Altcoins We Are Watching
15:38 – Summary

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