October 14, 2021

How to get Rich in Roblox Trade Tower

Hi guys, welcome to my channel! Sorry that I can’t record trade tower Vids this week.
Anyway, There are 3 ways I found to get rich in Trade Tower. If I missed any, comment down below on what I missed.

Ok so, the first way to auto click on multiple accounts at once. Now, you guys may be wondering, how can i use multiple accounts at once?
Well the answer is simple

1st – Go to wearedevs
They have a download for multiple games instance. This allows for your to open multiple accounts at once. Its not a virus, just a code for roblox.
Then, you’ll will need to download GS auto clicker.
This autoclicker I recomend because you are able to pick multiple points with percision and autocick almost simultaneously.
Now, the most important thing for the auto clicker is that is on double click, repeat until stopped and it is on a recording (multiple points on repeat)
Then create the amount of accounts you want to auto click. Then auto click until you have max cicks on all accounts.
This will take 2-3 days depending how active you upgrade the clicks.
I reccomend 3 accounts max per system because it reduces lag and has a lower chance to fail.
Now, for some people that want some staticitcs…
If you auto click at a lvl 1 auto clicker on all 3 accounts for 2 weeks you will have 272,160,000 trade bucks
Now, if all of the accounts are max…
You will make 907,200,000 trade bucks
This is saying that all goes well and the your system doesn’t crash.

The Second way is to a recent trick ive found with the Jackpot Algorithm.
You will need multiple accounts for this way so download the multiple games instance from the first trick.
Now, I belive that every account has a burst of luck and then it goes on a losing streak.
Well, this strategy is to completely abuse that burst of luck and avoid the losing streak.
Think about it this way…
If 2 people constantly win 5 mil for at least 5 times in a row, get on an alt and immediantly add to a 3-20 percent.
Within 3 attempts I won at least once.
For example, I gave 60 mil to an alt.
I then went to a new server with an alt that has never won a jackpot (this includes Jackpots that you win with 100%)
I added 20 mil to 5 people that were doing 20 mil inf cap
Some person sniped with 100 mil.
I still won with my new alt.
I believe that i won because everyone in that server won at least once, so since my alt never won once it was almost guarrenteed to win.
Now, I know that i might have just have gotten lucky. But I repeated this trick and won another 60 and 40 mil with 10 percents.
Each of these wins were on a new account
Now, this does require you to have some value so you may need to borrow items or auto click to get some value.

The last way to get rich is tix coinflip.
This way takes a long time to get as you need to get alot of tix to make this work.
However, as soon as you have alot of tix, you need patience as you slowly gain tix through this meathod.
Start with 1, if you win stay at 1, if you lose double your bet to 2.
If you win with the 2 bet, go back to 1, if you dont repeat the same proccess.
This will be a slow proccess but sooner or later you will be able to make thousands of tix easily.
Tix Coinflip can be the best way to make trade bucks as long as you have patience and dont go more than than you can afford.
To make sure that you dont lose, bet on the same spot every time ( heads or tails) This makes sure you dont miss your symbol.
Now take your bet and multiple it by the 10th power
for example if your bet is 2 times it by 2 10 times. The reason for this is because i have never seen a losing streak as long as 10 times.
So, by using that information if the amount bet at 10th power is less than your amount of tix, you are almost guarrenteed to win.
Now, With the halloween event, this can be alot easier to gain tix, as each pumpkin will give you alot of tix for finding it.

That’s all I have for Now on how to get rich. If you liked this information please like and comment anything that I missed.
Next week I will show you guys where all the pumpkins are located and how to work the GS auto clicker, if anyone is confused on that.

Anyway, hope this helps. Peace

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