October 14, 2021


7 Assets That Make You Rich & give Financial Freedom | How To GET RICH?
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Getting rich and achieving financial freedom is an art. One of the biggest reasons why a huge number of people remain poor despite making lot of money is the lack of a invest mindset. You can either purchase expensive cars and other liabilities from your next salary or invest the same money into the stock market or mutual funds to multiply that money. Another way of doing it right is by owning assets that make you rich and give you financial independence in India.

The meaning of an asset is also widely misunderstood. The car and house you invest in, are not assets. They require maintenance and regular expense to stay functional like fuel expenditure, electricity and water bill, cleaning expenses, parking charges, renovation expenses, etc. However, if you put the same car or house on rent, the rental income that you earn makes them a real asset. There are a plethora of more such assets that you can leverage to make real money for yourself.

In this video, we try to answer the following questions that most people ask:
What is an asset?
What is the difference between an asset and liability?
What are some examples of assets?
What assets make you rich?
What assets do I need to buy to be rich?
What assets do rich people have?
What are income generating assets?
What kind of assets should I buy?
What is the cheapest asset someone can buy?
How to build wealth through purchasing assets?
Is my house an asset?
How many types of assets are there?
How do people get rich?
What are some examples of money making assets?
How to turn a liability into an asset?
How to tell if something is an asset or a liability?
How to tell if an asset will make you rich?
What assets should you invest in?
How to buy assets that generate income?
What are the most valuable assets to own?
What valuable assets should you buy?
why do rich people buy assets?
How to invest in a company?
How to invest?
How to make money investing?

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04:18 Asset 2
05:32 Asset 3
06:38 Asset 4
07:04 Asset 5
08:02 Asset 6
08:43 Asset 7
09:50 Final Words
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