October 8, 2021

How Real Estate Investors Really Get Rich – with Ron LeGrand

Jason Hartman and Ron LeGrand discuss the real estate market, inflation and government policy.

0:00 Introduction
2:18 What does it mean to consumers when the government spends money?
2:46 Prices rise (asset pries and consumer prices) and creates inflation
4:36 As investors, we need to align our interests with government and central banks
7:14 Inflation hurts most people but helps real estate investors
7:32 Many people are worried about a real estate bubble but they’re only basing it on the value of the dollar
9:03 The Hartman Comparison Index will help people understand the real value of real estate and inflation induced debt destruction
12:59 Jason discusses cryptocurrency and government
21:35 Jason explains how inflation creates discounts on debt
24:39 Inflation is a hidden tax and destroys the value of debt
26:43 Use leverage to take advantage of inflation and let inflation destroy the value of your debt
29:18 If you look at any housing price chart, you’ll see that after we went off the gold standard, housing prices started their meteoric rise
35:54 House price appreciation isn’t how you get rich

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