October 6, 2021

100,000 Mini Marbles though slaloms and funnels!

This video is a compilation (screenlink) of 5 different setups including the big funnel, Hubelino and Gravitrax. With a lot of mini marbles (4 mm) rolling on it, it makes a satisfying noise and the marbles are spinning down the funnel like a black hole. The container can hold more than 100,000 mini marbles and takes 14 minutes before it’s empty.
After request, I made this video in full length without cutting. #marblerun #marblesASMR #ASMRmarblerun #marblefunnel #marblerunASMR

– Thank you all for bringing in ideas and suggestions! We need some time to discuss the ideas and we will announce new things soon.

– These videos are quite simple compared with our main events, but I’m experimenting and trying to invent new and satisfying marble runs and contraptions. I now have limited stuff to make big marble runs, but I will purchase more stuff soon to build bigger constructions.
And we don’t forget to produce new marble racing and marble sports events, but it will take some time to produce it.

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