September 29, 2021

Why You WON’T Get Rich – Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid

These are 5 mistakes I made that ended up helping me become a millionaire. What can you take away from my errors?


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The first mistake I made was to do business with a handshake! I assumed everybody was a trustworthy person, and as a result, I ended up losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now, I require everything to be in writing, which is what I should’ve done from the beginning.

The second mistake I met was banking on appreciation. I was buying houses that were projected to make me as little as $5,000 because the market was so hot, I figured I could not possibly lose money! Well, I was wrong and I lost half a million dollars taking that approach.

The next mistake I made was not paying for coaching and mentorship! I was too prideful to hire coaches, but once I attended Grant Cardone’s event, my entire mindset shifted and I’ve been paying for coaching ever since.

The fourth mistake I made was not getting on social media sooner! Social media has changed the trajectory of my career. I am now able to bring more eyeballs to what we are doing in business, which helps make more money.

Lastly, I learned to stop comparing myself to other people because comparison is the thief of joy. Don’t worry about how fast someone else is becoming a millionaire and focus on you yourself becoming a millionaire and achieving your goals.

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