August 31, 2021

How To Get Rich (Without Getting Lucky)

More resources:

1. Original tweetstorm:

2. Complete searchable linkable Naval Ravikant database:

3. Naval made me $1m:

4. The practical steps of earning $1m:

5. Deep dive into Specific Knowledge:

6. Deep dive into Leverage:

7. Deep dive into Accountability:

8. Deep dive into Productize Yourself (summary):

9. How to be happy:

0:00 3 Things Needed For Wealth
0:12 1. Accountability
0:22 2. Specific Knowledge
0:39 3. Leverage
0:56 Conclusion

Naval Ravikant’s tweetstorm How To Get Rich (Without Getting Lucky) summarised by Andrew Kirby for his YouTube channel. Naval Ravikant’s tweestorm is how Andrew Kirby earned $1,000,000 online. Specific knowledge, accountability, leverage.

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