July 17, 2021

Is Network Marketing As Sexy As Other Businesses?

Have you ever heard someone say that network marketing is not as sexy as other business types? They might list off things like affiliate marketing, drop shipping, Shopify, Etsy, e-commerce, high-ticket sales, etc. But there is one aspect of what we do that makes network marketing the sexiest industry I know of… and I’ll prove it to you.

00:00 – Intro
00:54 – Are wool sweaters sexy?
01:35 – How we designed our ideal lifestyle
04:30 – Exponential Residual income
05:58 – Social media and viral marketing
07:00 – Exponential income growth – example
09:30 – No other business model has this
10:01 – Is living your life the way you want sexy?

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Is Network Marketing As Sexy As Other Businesses?

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★ About Tim Sales – Network Marketing Power:
Tim Sales is a 30-year veteran in Network Marketing. He’s a million-dollar earner in multiple companies, he’s been interviewed by Larry King and Grant Cardone, and now he’s sharing his knowledge on how to build a successful network marketing business of your own, with real-world examples from his 30-year experience in the industry.

He’s breaking down the industry into little bite-sized pieces, so you have exactly what it takes to really have success in network marketing.

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