June 26, 2021

How I Got Lucky in Network Marketing – Tim Sales

What prevents someone from joining a network marketing business? Some people think you have to be lucky to have success in network marketing. I did get lucky — but let me explain how I did it, because I believe you create your own luck.

00:00 – Intro
00:20 – How I set myself up to get lucky in business
01:37 – History: how hunters acquire meat and warriors acquire land
03:01 – Acquisition is king
03:47 – The scale of Acquisition vs Consumption
05:03 – The scale of Self-discipline vs Victim mentality
05:30 – Wealth is about the acquisition of customers
05:59 – What does it take to get to the top?
07:13 – It’s not LUCK unless…
08:08 – Building your Self Discipline muscles
10:02 – It Pays to be a Winner!
12:30 – It Pays for You to Control Your Actions
13:25 – Right now is the best time to build

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How I Got Lucky in Network Marketing

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★ About Tim Sales – Network Marketing Power:
Tim Sales is a 30-year veteran in Network Marketing. He’s a million-dollar earner in multiple companies, he’s been interviewed by Larry King and Grant Cardone, and now he’s sharing his knowledge on how to build a successful network marketing business of your own, with real-world examples from his 30-year experience in the industry.

He’s breaking down the industry into little bite-sized pieces, so you have exactly what it takes to really have success in network marketing.

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