May 30, 2021

How to Get RICH Making $50,000 Per Year

It’s possible to become very wealthy making just $50,000 a year. The key? You have to invest well and have a long time horizon. It’s possible to be part of the top 1% in the world while saving just $10,000 per year. If you’re young, you have a few distinct advantages when it comes to this plan. First, you are going to be around for 40,50,60 or maybe even 70 more years. That is a ton of time to let money compound. Second, you can see what new companies are going to dominate the world over the next few decades and invest while it’s still early. If you achieve a rate of return of 15% per year, you are set. However, if you want to get there faster the real way is to build a business, and invest the profits.

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What was your biggest takeaway from this video?

0:00 – This is not a get rich quick scheme.
1:45 – Here’s what you need to do.
2:15 – Live below your means.
2:50 – Crunching the numbers
4:30 – No one wants to wait 30 years
5:50 – The plan is what sets you free.
8:00 – You have TIME
8:40 – How do you get 15% per year?
10:22 – You have a strategic advantage.
11:40 – Build a business, invest the profits.
12:20 – Sign up for Cap Inc (link below!)

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